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  • 856-833-9377
  • Info@ExtraordinaryED.com
  • 808 Haddon Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108

  • Typical hours of operation:

    Monday – Friday: 11-7
    Saturday & Sunday: 10-6

    Please note that our hours are subject to change as we often have Special Programs that cause our hours of operations to change.

What do we do?
ExtraordinaryED is dedicated to bringing unique, exciting and yes, EXTRAORDINARY products, events and classes to the Collingswood Community! From hundreds of games, puzzles and brain teasers to Community Game Nights, we strive to provide a space where Collingswood can LEARN, PLAY and GROW! Our expert education team works together to excite and engage our curious, fun-loving customers with an eclectic variety of products, classes and events.
Who is this for?
The answer to this is simple - everyone! ExtraordinaryED seeks to serve curious adults and families of all ages. Our products are handpicked to delight and educate any age group, while our classes are designed to offer skill building opportunities for any adult! As long as you are curious and committed to trying something new, you're the brain for us!
Why We Do It
ExtraordinaryED’s mission is to change the way people see education by making highly interactive and memorable learning experiences available in a quick and easy way. We envision a growing number of American communities where the personal and social connection to learning becomes as commonplace and routine as buying a gallon of milk. ExtraordinaryED is a community hub for curiosity - for shared and lively learning experiences that both spark and satisfy our curiosity. ExtraordinaryED offers an abundance of programs and products for curious people to LEARN, PLAY, and GROW.